Damascus camo – Things you should know about

Call of duty gamefare has always an speciality when it comes to attract the users and Call of Duty Modern Warfare is one of such games which has recently came and got a much better response from the users than expected.

Eventhough Call of Duty Modern Warfare is an excellent game which engages you for hours, and there is an another interesting thing in this game which is none other than Damascus camo.

Special Features of Damascus Camo

Camouflage is the very most important part of every gun in the game, and only after unlocking every Camouflage in the game you can unlock the Damascus Camo which is really an long way and time taking process. It will be definitely an premium achievement in the game for those who are having Damascus Camo in their hands, eventhough it is difficult to get but once you get it is worth the wait for sure.

So actually speaking in detail about unlocking of the Damascus Camo there are ten categories of weapons in the game where inorder to unlock them you need to complete out lots of challenges before that.

In our calculation it would take you more than 800 hours of gameplay to get this Damascus Camo. You might be thinking will there be an any way to unlock it out more faster, thankfully there is an way

So with this method you can save lots of time waiting to get your gold camo which would take months, even years if you play it alone, and this is one of the most trusted methods even used by pro players in the game who were once a beginner.

Ways to get Damascus Camo Faster

  • Don’t spend unnecessary on the weapons to buy even its your favourite, leave it out till you get your Camo.
  • Always carry Knife as your secondary weapons.
  • Also complete the challenges in the order which will help you to get to the Camo faster.
  • When you choosing the extra attachements for your gun you should pick wisely because even that matters too.

Martin Guptil

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